Friday, June 20, 2008

How to make screenshots on your TomTom device

How to make screenshots on your TomTom device There isn't an official way to make a screenshot of something on your TomTom device. Thanks to a little secret you can easily save screen captures of the device, even while driving, and then download files at the end of the route.
This will allow you to view the screen at the exact moment you captured the screen.

  1. Connect your TomTom via USB.
  2. Create a folder in the root of the drive called "screen/".
  3. Create an empty text file with the name "capture" in the "screen/" folder, make sure you remove the extension from the end of the file.
  4. Disconnect your TomTom and reboot it.
Click near the top left of the screen when you want to take a screen capture of something.
How to make screenshots on your TomTom device
You will hear a camera snapping sound and your screenshots will be saved into the "screen/" folder as BMP files.
Now reconnect your TomTom device via USB and download the screenshots files.


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