Saturday, June 21, 2008

how do you know if your site is reviewed on

how do you know if your site is reviewed on There are logical reasons to refrain from submitting your own content on social network sites.
If we take StumbleUpon as example, we will see that letting others submit your content is a much better way of promotion.
But how do you know if your site is reviewed?

Yahoo! provide plugs that you can hook into Yahoo! search pages without installation and do more with search results.
For instance, if a story from Digg appears in Yahoo search results, you can know the number of diggs that story received from the Yahoo page itself. Similarly you can integrate Yahoo with StumbleUpon to know the average SU rating of any website that turns up in Yahoo!.
these is an example of in Yahoo search results:

how do you know if your site is reviewed on

Login to Yahoo! and add some plugins from the Search Gallery.
If your site is indexed by Yahoo, with the StumbleUpon plugin activated, you can list all your pages and discover the reviews received on StumbleUpon.
For example performing the query "dettox", all my pages are listed with the relative StumbleUpon counter.
Change the query according to your needs and limit search results within a site or domain with the parameter "site:YOURDOMAIN".


CyberCelt said...

Great post. I do not add many posts to SU, but now I can check on Yahoo and see if anyone else Stumbled me.

dettox said...

so mine, i don't add any of my posts, but i know how StumbleUpon is source of good traffic!! :)

Guy Vestal said...

I stumble, tag, digg, and technorati fave as many folks as I can. :-)

stumble for you, a tag, and a TFave.

Conflict and compromise said...

Thanks for the info. I want to try this even though the Yahoo spiders don't give my site near the attention that Google does.

Descartes said...

I like stumble and digg and all the rest, but don't get as much traffic as I used to from them.

I do like to see who has stumbled me though-good post.

Lisa Irby said...

Very useful post. Just found you from your drop on EntreCard. You have a new subscriber.

lawmacs said...

thanks for this we spend su much time on the web without realising the potential of most services we use every day great stuff

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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